Hyperion’s Participation at Shell’s GEOTEM 2011


Hyperion Systems Engineering presents at GEOTEM 2011, Istanbul Turkey
(report was provided on its MPDS success at Shell Eastern Petrochemicals, Singapore)

Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd. the leading independent solutions provider to the global process industry was invited to present at this year’s GEOTEM conference.

GEOTEM 2011, a closed “by invitation only” conference organised by Shell Global Solutions and CRI Catalysts took place between 25th and 30th September 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey.

David Lorkin (Business Development Manager) and Stavros Chrysanthou (Senior Simulation Engineer) participated and presented at the event, introducing the activities and capabilities of Hyperion Systems Engineering in the areas of process simulation and optimisation, with special focus on the company’s OTS – Operator Training Simulator offering and the more complex MPDS – Multi Purpose Dynamic Simulator offering.

Hyperion’s contribution to the event was a report on the differences between the two approaches (OTS – MPDS) and the applicability of MPDS for a much wider usage which extends beyond operator training to engineering and asset life-cycle modeling. Special report was provided on the company’s successful delivery of one of the most complex MPDS systems ever, for Shell Chemicals in Singapore (see link).



Photos from the event