Hydrocarbon Processing: Use dynamic simulation for advanced LNG plant design


Experiences obtained from a detailed engineering study for Sonatrach’s GNL3Z project, a grassroots baseload LNG production plant in Algeria

The work performed for the project shows that dynamic simulation can be an excellent tool for the support and verification of process design during the engineering, procurement and plant construction (EPC) stages

Performing engineering studies with dynamic simulation is becoming a critical requirement for new liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants.Typically, the major target for such a study is the investigation and review of critical plant design elements, such as compressors, flares and boiler systems. Dynamic engineering studies can identify design changes that will significantly improve plant performance and the safety and reliability of plant operations. Furthermore, if such design changes are identified early, they can be implemented at a low cost and provide significant savings during a plant’s lifetime.

The article published on the August 2012 issue of Hydrocarbon Processing magazine,  was co-authored by process control engineers from Saipem SpA and process modeling engineers from the Operator Training Simulators group of Hyperion Systems Engineering



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