Hyperion Simulation to supply the OTS System for IGC Carbon Monoxide Plant to SIPCHEM, in Saudi Arabia

Nicosia, Cyprus Hyperion Systems Engineering (Hyperion), the leading independent solutions provider to the global process industries, announces that it will supply to Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM), a high fidelity Operator Training Simulator (OTS) system for the International Gases Company Carbon Monoxide (IGC CO) Plant, in Saudi Arabia.

Hyperion Simulation will provide a Stimulated DCS OTS System Solution for the SIPCHEM IGC CO OTS project. A stand alone OTS system will be developed connected to Emerson DeltaV DCS equipment. This solution will provide a hybrid system for the DCS, using emulated controllers and real Emerson DeltaV Operator stations. The Operator’s environment will be replicated using graphics from the actual plant’s DCS. The solution will provide the advanced features of emulated controllers – such as faster-than-real-time performance.

Hyperion Simulation will be the main supplier of the OTS system, and responsible for the functionality and handover of the complete system. To obtain more information on this and other Hyperion OTS projects, please visit: www.hyperionsystems.net/ots.

Hyperion Simulation’s responsibilities on the project will include:

  • Development of the dynamic process models for the IGC Carbon Monoxide (CO) plant, using DYNSIM™ dynamic simulation software
  • Emulation of the Safety System
  • Integration of the process models with the emulated Safety System
  • Development of the Instructor and Field Operator Station
  • Integration of the Emerson DeltaV DCS simulation system with the process models and the Safety System
  • Installation and commissioning in an exclusive training facility at SIPCHEM site
  • Provision of appropriate training and documentation (manuals and specifications)

Reliability Engineering Department of SIPCHEM stated, “An OTS system is a valuable tool that is mainly used to train control room operators and field operators on various aspects of the plant operations. With this project we expect to receive a custom OTS system, developed to match the SIPCHEM process equipment and provide the same “look and feel” as real features of CO process operation. We have selected Hyperion Simulation for this project, as they have proven experience in the development and delivery of similar systems and we are confident that they can satisfy our expectations and project requirements.”

Mr. Dean R. Jones, Executive Vice President of Hyperion Simulation stated, “We are truly satisfied by the fact that SIPCHEM has selected Hyperion Simulation for the provision of the IGC CO OTS. Hyperion Simulation is committed to develop and deliver a custom OTS system which will provide the trainees with a very realistic representation of the actual process unit at steady state and dynamic conditions, in such a manner that there is no significant difference between operating at the simulator or, the actual process unit. The Hyperion OTS will ensure that SIPCHEM will capture benefits on a year to year basis by using the simulator throughout the plant lifecycle.”

About Saudi International Petrochemical Company


Established in 1999, Saudi International Petrochemical Company (SIPCHEM) manufactures and markets methanol, butanediol, acetic acid, acetic anhydride, vinyl acetate monomer, as well as carbon monoxide through its various affiliates. It has been listed on Saudi Stock Market since 2006.

It serves its customers in the construction, solvents, automotive, electronics, polymer, coatings, and pharmaceutical industries that help improving the lives of people worldwide.

Following its success during the last decade, SIPCHEM continues its journey of progress by launching several down-stream projects to manufacture Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Low Density Polyethylene, Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Cross Linkable Polyethylene, and Semi conductive Compound that are scheduled to start in 2013.

SIPCHEM has the distinction of being the first chemical manufacturing company in the Kingdom to achieve “Responsible Care” certification.

For more information, see SIPCHEM online at www.sipchem.com

About International Gases Company


International Gases Company (IGC) is a limited liability company registered in May 2005, owned 72% by SIPCHEM, 25% by National Power Company (NPC) , a Saudi joint stock company and 3% by Ministry of Endowments.
The plant is designed to produce up to 345 thousand mtpa of Carbon Monoxide (CO), that started production in August 2009.

IGC produces pure Carbon Monoxide (CO), a colorless, practically odorless, and tasteless gas or liquid.

CO is an important industrial gas, which is widely used as a fuel. It is also an important reducing agent in the chemical industry.

Saudi Aramco supplies SIPCHEM with natural gas to be used as feedstock for IGC plant.

For more information, see www.sipchem.com/en/affiliates5.htm