Hydrocarbon Engineering: Simulators for success


Hyperion Systems Engineering, Cyprus, discusses the increased use of graphical user interface technology in operator training simulators.

Graduating from a once ‘nice to have’ status, the operator training simulator (OTS), has now become an invaluable tool in the process industry. The ever increasing challenges that process manufacturers are facing, drive the need for tools to develop and improve operations skills of both newly hired and existing operators. Improvements in technology and project methodologies have also brought down the relative costs of the systems, considerably improving the return on investment. This article explains the improvements to graphics and graphical user interface (GUI) technology that have resulted in a significant move away from using real distributed control systems (DCS) equipment for the OTS, to using instead emulation technology that results in lower cost, increased flexibility and improved training functionality.

The article published on the July 2014 issue of Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine, was written by senior process modeling engineers from the Operator Training Simulators group of Hyperion Systems Engineering



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