HyperionRSI Simulation provides high quality custom made solutions and services to the industry worldwide in the areas of Process Modeling and Simulation, with specialized expertise including Operator Training simulators, Multi Purpose Dynamic Simulators, Dynamic Process Simulation and Dynamic Simulation Studies.

Employing a workforce of top engineers, and project managers distributed across several locations, HyperionRSI operates world-wide delivering engineering solutions to clients from a diverse range of industries:

Why work with HyperionRSI Simulation

Our approach offers significant advantages. Key elements of our offerings are:

  • Best Quality Simulation Technology
  • Modeling Experience of Simulation Team
  • Realistic DCS-System Operator Training Environment Experience

Our Simulation team consists of highly skilled Chemical Engineers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in a variety of related technical fields and have previous experience in the Process Industries. Our vast project experience and extensive knowledge of a large number of industrial process technologies differentiates us from our competitors. Our team is dedicated to dynamic process simulation and the delivery of operator training simulators in the industry and represents approximately 300 man-years of experience.

Our engineers have been deployed to client sites throughout the world. They develop high-fidelity Simulators, carry out engineering studies based on dynamic simulation, and deliver them to clients from a diverse range of industries, including oil and gas production, refining, chemical/polymer manufacturing and power/utility generation. They also have extensive experience of modeling olefins processes and processes involving complex reactor systems. Team’s experience includes more than 100 projects around the globe, providing valuable solutions to a diversified list of clients.

The skills and expertise of our team includes the full scope of simulation project delivery services including project management, process modeling, DCS system integration, simulator configuration, testing, training, documentation, system support and a range of on-site services, essential for maintaining the schedule on simulator projects.

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