With one of the largest process modeling and simulation engineering groups in the world, with expertise on several industry-standard modeling software platforms, we supply our customers with state-of-the-art simulation studies.

Our customers are both end-user process manufacturers as well as leading engineering and construction (EPC) firms which build units and plants for them.

To the manufacturers our studies offer the opportunity to understand better their processes and improve plant operation though de-bottlenecking, operability review, control optimization, etc.

To our EPC customers, our studies offer insight and solutions to fundamental issues arising at key phases of plant design:

  • At the conceptual design phase, to assess process design options.
  • At the detailed design stage, to assess process operability, verify control philosophy, check and develop startup/shutdown procedures and examine safety scenarios.
  • In engineering studies, to identify potential commissioning difficulties, verify operating procedures and establish control settings and calibration.